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Mains Drainage & Utilities Connections

Farley Groundworks have many years of experience in installing, maintaining, repairing and upgrading mains water, drainage and sewerage connections for a variety of customers covering individual home owners, developers, office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants and transport/logistics facilities.  We have also worked with local authorities and utilities companies.

We are experts in assessing your drainage connection needs and in providing a suitable solution whether this is a new installation or work needed on an existing installation such as a repair, upgrade or extension.  Please contact us so we can assess your needs after a free initial inspection and provide you with a no obligation quotation.

In installing and working on mains drainage solutions we deal with all aspects including the excavation, the piping, inspection chambers and connections as well as making good afterwards.

Surface water and rain water etc should not go into foul water drainage (mains drainage) and must be connected to the main storm drains or a soakaway.  You may need to have a soakaway installed to collect and drain surface and storm water such as rainwater from the gutters of a building if there is no connection to the storm drains.  The water is drained and dispersed in a pit.  Some water companies give a reduction in charges where a soakaway is installed as surface water does not enter the storm drainage system thus reducing capacity needs.  Farley Groundworks have much experience in installing soakaways as part of overall drainage solutions.

Commercial premises may need interceptors to prevent unwanted material (such as grease, fuel, detergents or sediment) from entering the mains drainage.  Please contact us for advice as to whether you will need an interceptor and what are the exact requirements.

If you are unable to connect to the mains drainage then we offer a number of sewage treatment solutions.

As with all our work, we will conduct a free site inspection to determine the best solution to your sewage and drainage requirements.  We will then let you have a no obligation quotation.

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