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Sewage Treatment Plant for a House in Wokingham

In this project, for a client in Wokingham, we installed a Tricel® sewage treatment plant.  This was to replace an existing cess pit which had to be drained every few weeks (at significant expense).  The type of treatment plant we used has a number of advantages…

  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is very strong
  • It operates on low power resulting in energy saving

This treatment plant has a lift pump built into it for drainage of the cleansed effluent into a nearby storm water drainage channel (as permitted by the Environment Area).  See our previous blog post to find out how a sewage treatment plant works.

The work involved…

  • Digging a 3 metre deep pit for the sewage treament plant
  • Digging a channel from the house to the treatment plant and laying piping to take the waste
  • Digging a channel from the treatment plant to the drainage channel and laying piping to take the cleansed effluent
  • Connecting electricity from the house to power the plant and lift pump
  • Removing the cess pit
  • Laying a new drive


Groundworks for Sewage Treatment Plant
Groundworks for Sewage Treatment Plant

Here we are digging the channel for the waste pipe from the house to the sewage treatment plant.


Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant

Here, the treatment plant has been installed in the pit and surrounded by concrete.  This shows the protruding access units for maintenance.  On the left (in both pictures) is the aeration chamber inspection hatch along with the motor and lift pump.  On the right is the access pipe for desludging the primary chamber.


Sewage Treatment Plant Motor & Lift Pump
Sewage Treatment Plant Hatch

The picture on the left shows the motor (for aeration in the second chamber) and the lift pump.  The picture on the right show the inspection hatch into the aeration chamber.


Completed Drive
Sewage Treatment Plant

Here we have completed the work and laid a new drive.  All that is showing of the sewage treatment plant is the inspection cover and the desludging pipe.  These exposed items will be hidden by garden plants.