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Septic Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants

Farley Groundworks installs, upgrades and repairs sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and cess pools across the southern England.  We work for both domestic and commercial clients.  Our skills and experience will ensure that we cost effectively select and install the best solution for your requirements and circumstances.

Options For Sewage Treatment

If you are not connected to mains drainage then you have three options for handling your waste water…

  • A Septic Tank
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant
  • A Cess Pool

A Septic Tank is a large underground tank that collects the waste.  Solids settle to the bottom and are separated from liquid. The liquid is purified (known as effluent) and then flows into one or more soakaways.  Septic tanks are the easiest and cheapest solution and require little maintenance.  However, the ground must be porous enough to allow the effluent to drain away.  A typical cost for the supply and installation of a septic tank is in the range of £4000 – £5000. There is more information at Sewage Treatment Systems.

A Sewage Treatment Plant adds an additional stage of purification to the effluent.  This may be necessary if the effluent from a septic tank cannot be drained away (for example if there are nearby water courses).  This solution requires electricity and annual maintenance and is thus a more expensive solution.  A typical cost for the supply and installation of a sewage treatment plant is in the range of £6000 – £9000.  More information can be found at How Does a Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

A Cess Pool needs to be used if it is impossible to drain even purified effluent.  A cess pool holds the waste in a sealed container and needs to be pumped out several times a year.

Why Use Farley Groundworks?

You can trust us to select and install the correct sewage treatment solution for your needs because…

  • We have been installing sewage treatment systems for years and have experience of all types of situation and requirements.
  • Our services include inspection tracing and repair.
  • We are independent and not tied to any particular supplier (we work with Tricel, Klargester, Titan and Condor) will select the best system for your needs.
  • In addition to our sewage treatment skills we are experienced in all types of groundworks.
  • You can be assured of our work as it carries a 5 year guarantee.
  • We meet all health and safety requirements and have public liability insurance.
  • We are certified for working in confined spaces, deep dwellings and public streets.
  • We are familiar with all relevant regulations and standards.
  • We keep ourselves up to date on the latest techniques and solutions.
  • We are used to liaising with the Environment Agency and with local authorities in order to ensure regulatory compliance and approval.

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