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Land Drain for a House in Wokingham

When we were working on the sewage treatment plant in Wokingham we were approached by one of the client’s neighbours who had a problem with land drainage.  There was a soakaway to drain storm and surface water.  The soakaway wasn’t working because the ground was mostly clay with very poor drainage.  We were asked if we could help.  Of course we could!

We had to dig a land drain to take the storm water from the gutters and drain it into a ditch beyond the garden.  We dug a 120 metre long channel (which fell by a metre between the house and the ditch at the back) and put a perforated pipe into this channel.  The perforations allowed storm water to drain into the pipe throughout the garden (the lawn used to become waterlogged in winter because of the poor drainage).  We put shingle and Tyran cloth (to let water but not soil through) over the pipe in the channel before replacing the turf and topsoil.

The client was delighted with the work and gave us a testimonial.

Land Drainage Channel Through Lawn
Land Drainage Channel Through Woods

The drainage channel was 120 metres from the house to the ditch and passed through a small wood as well as through the garden lawn.  We had to dig the channel by hand as even our smallest digger wouldn’t fit between the close trees in the wood.


Perforated Piping for Land Drainage
Tyran Cloth for Land Drainage

The picture on the left shows the plastic drainage piping.  Note the perforations that allow surface water to drain into the pipe (preventing the garden from becoming waterlogged).  The picture on the right shows the Tyran cloth which goes over the pipe (which is surrounded by shingle) and lets water through but prevents soil from getting into the perforations.