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House Foundations

The first step in constructing a foundation for a house is to determine what type of foundation is required.  This will generally be determined by the soil type although there are other factors such as nearby large trees, gradient and drainage.

Typically a site inspection would be conducted and trial holes will be dug.  The soil samples are then sent for testing to determine its composition and type.  Often the local authority will have information on the soil types in the building area.  Following this, the building inspector and architect/designer will decide what type and depth of foundations are required.

Following this the foundation work can be priced and a quotation made.

A typical house foundation in ground with good soil would be 1000mm to 1300mm deep.  These are the main steps involved in constructing such a foundation…

  • Reduce the ground in the area to an appropriate level.
  • Mark the lines for the foundations (typically along the walls of the house).
  • Dig trenches to the required depth and fill with concrete.
  • Build the walls with bricks and blocks up to the DPC (damp proof course) level.
  • Put in services (water and drainage).

After the main foundations have been completed the next stage is to lay the floor…

  • Bring the base up to the right height with scalping.
  • Put in a layer of blind sand.
  • Put down a waterproof membrane.
  • Put down a layer of insulating material.
  • Put down the concrete floor (with steel reinforcements if necessary).

The site is now ready for the builder to commence work on the walls.

In some cases it may be appropriate to have a block and beam floor rather than using solid concrete.

House FoundationsHouse Foundations

Farley Groundworks have many years of experience in constructing foundations and flooring for both domestic and commercial buildings.  We will conduct a free site inspection and use this, along with the specifications from the architect and building inspector, to produce a quotation.  In addition to the foundations we can also undertake landscaping and construct pathways, patios and drives.  Please contact us for more details.  For an example of our work see Self Build House Foundations.