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Drives Patios & Pathways

Another aspect of groundworks is the construction of drives, patios and pathways along with any associated landscaping.

As with foundations, the nature of the soil is important.  Drainage is also important and drainage routes need to be planned in.  The construction of drives, patios and pathways would typically involve the following steps…

  • Conduct any major clearance and earth moving that may be required.
  • Bring down the ground to the appropriate level (or levels).
  • Bring the ground up to the required level (or levels) with a well consolidated solid base.
  • Place a layer of porous barrier material which will stop the clay in the soil from rising but allow water to drain away through it.
  • Place down a layer of scalpings.
  • Place down the surface material which may be tarmac, gravel, paving stones, monoblocks, concrete blocks or bricks as required and level with a compactor plate if required.

The associated landscaping may require grass lawns (turf or seeds) and topsoil.  If there are a number of levels then retaining walls may be required.

Edging for drives may need foundations to prevent them being damaged if vehicles drive over them.

Farley Groundworks have many years of experience in undertaking the construction of pathways, patios and drives along with all the associated landscaping works.  Contact us for a site inspection and free quotation.

Drives Patios & PathwaysDrives Patios & Pathways