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Groundworks for Foundations & Cellar

Including a cellar in a new build house is an excellent way to create more space within a limited area.  Farley Groundworks are used to accommodating cellars when laying the foundations for a house.  Here is how we do it…

  • We clear out the site and excavate for the cellar and foundations
  • We lay down a sub base and a layer of blinding sand
  • We lay down insulation (typically 300mm thick)
  • We put down a polythene membrane to keep moisture out
  • We put down a layer of lean mix concrete
  • We then create a cellar floor with sealed concrete around steel mesh.
  • We put shutter boards on the inside and outside of the external cellar walls and we fill these with sealed concrete around steel mesh building the cellar walls up to damp proof course level to for the foundations including a polythene layer on the outside
  • Internal cellar walls are constructed from blocks
  • Finally we backfill with earth around the outside of the external cellar walls


The picture on the left show the excavation.  The picture on the right shows the insulation material that will be laid under the cellar floor.

Excavation for Foundations & Cellar
Insulation for Cellar Floor


Here, the sealed concrete floor has been laid and the cellar walls are under construction.  Shutter boards are being erected on either side of the walls and there is steel mesh between the boards.  Cement to form sealed concrete will be put into this space.

Cellar Floor & Walls Under Construction
Cellar Floor & Walls Under Construction


Here the external cellar walls have been completed and the internal block walls are under construction.  Note that the shutter boards have been removed and that a layer of insulation has been placed on the outside of the external walls before backfill.

Cellar Floor & Walls
Cellar Floor & Walls